Headlight Restoration Pros Business Development

Welcome to the  Headlight Restoration Pros Business Development Program.

If you are looking for a great full or part time business- We can help you!

We have simplified the Headlight Restoration Training Program with a instuctional DVD (74 min.) that will make it very easy for you to learn professional headlight restoration. We are here to help you succeed! This Advanced Headlight Restoration Training DVD will give you the knowledge you need to restore headlights for a profit. This proven and easy to learn headlight restoration system will have you restoring headlights with precision results, every time! All DVD purchases include free tech support if you happen to have a few questions about the process etc.

The HRP Advanced Headlight Restoration Training System brings professional results- every time! Earn extra cash restoring dim, faded headlights in your area. Our easy to learn system will teach you the entire Headlight Restoration Process. DVD also includes valuable, cost effective Clear Coat information. Add backbone to your headlight restoration service by offering your customers a full 5 year warranty! You will now be able to charge $125 or more for your service because the restoration will last!

This quality Headlight Restoration DVD (Sold Below) is second to none! There are many low priced so called "Headlight Restoration Kits" out there that tell you to just wipe on and then wipe off and its done, but please be aware that most headlights will need re-surfacing. None of those wipe on wipe off kits or  products can remove major scratches, pitting or yellowing. We agree that some headlights do not need sanding (re-surfacing) if the headlight is just slightly cloudy, and we explain this "Headlight Tune Up" thoroughly in the video. Please keep in mind that if you are looking for a true Headlight Restoration process, there simply are no short cuts. Learn how to do headlight restoration for profit, order our DVD training disc today!

Please feel free to call us at 1-800 269-1150 for any questions you may have about any of our products.

Also, we would like to add your headlight restoration business to our nationwide shop directory. Please visit: HeadlightRestorationDirectory.com and simply click on "Add New Listing" to have your headlight restoration shop listed as a HRP certified business. After your shop is certified with HRP, we will email you the HRP Shop Basics Handbook absolutely free! (EMAIL VERSION ONLY) This free report includes a valuable business liability protection form to help protect you in the event your customer says you damaged their headlight(s) while performing your headlight restoration services.

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